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Learn Fast Days

29 September 2016

9 x 1 hour workshops led by international business coach Warwick McCormack

Wednesday 12 and Thursday 13 October 2016

VENUE: Tairāwhiti Business Hub, 50 Childers Road

COST: $30 + GST per workshop, or $80 + GST for 3 workshops

Sign up with the Regional Business Partner and you could receive a Capability Development Voucher that entitles you to 50% off this cost. Email to find out if you’re eligible.


Please let us know which workshop/s you wish to attend. Numbers strictly limited to 15 places per workshop.



9.00–10am Your 1-page business plan

Need a business plan that will help you get immediate traction in your business? The one-page plan allows you to quickly assess your business strategy, goals and to prioritise your actions. Fast and effective. Put it into action tomorrow.

10.15–11.15am Your 1-page template for developing a new product or service

It’s easy to fall in love with what appears to be a brilliant idea, only to have it collapse when exposed to closer scrutiny. This workshop takes you through a one-page ‘brain-dump’ template designed to assist you in pushing your thinking beyond the boundaries of your company and into the customer’s life. It will prompt you to think about the customers’ problem you are solving, the value propositions, competitive advantages, target customers, channels to market, competition as well as costs and projected revenue streams.


11.30–12.30pm Build amazing internal customer service

Our internal service is letting us down. For most of us, the major issues with great customer service are likely to be more internal than external. This workshop will assist you in identifying your internal customers main “issues” and in learning how to handle those interactions as well as focusing on how your organisation can use this information to service it’s customers better.

1.00–2.00pm Getting to YES: closing the deal

Sick of people saying “I’ll get back to you” and never do? Learn how to overcome this and other objections that arise in everyday sales situations. These objections are losing you thousands of dollars a year! We’ll go over the simple process of conversation control and turning negative thoughts into a positive outcome. If you don’t go to any other ‘sales’ course this year come to this one!


2.15–3.15pm: Marketing on a tiny budget

How do you compete with larger firms? How do you make the most of what you’ve got yet not spend every waking hours or every dollar on it? This workshop shows you how to plan your marketing and how to maximise your exposure while minimising your time and money. You know the drill - don’t just work harder, work smarter!

3.30–4.30pm: “Brand U” Be the face of your business

If you are the ‘face’ of your business, have a minimal budget but need maximum exposure and don’t know where to begin, then this is for you. Learn how to turn yourself into someone that people want to talk about for all the right reasons. If you think your company is too small, too boring, then think again.



9.00–10am Breaking your barriers to success

Often when trying to solve a challenge, we hit a "Mental Impasse" stopping further progress. Our set of impasse busting tools will help you bust through these barriers and greatly improve your business approach overnight. Learn to recognize and beat procrastination and use the powerful innovation radar to drive renewed activity in all parts of your company.

10.15–11.15am Dynamic growth strategies

Transforming your company to actively compete against the Brand Leader. They have more money and more customers, and you cannot beat them doing what they do. Maybe it’s time for you to adopt the attitude and behaviour of a Challenger Brand - a company that does not conform to the conventional and traditional marketing style model.

11.30–12.30pm How to rapidly improve your business

OK, so you are small and have very limited resources – including money. How do you rapidly improve your business? This workshop looks at 10 simple methods to get your business on track and producing the sort of growth you have dreamt about. Oh and by the way, the biggest issue is probably you!

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