Digital/new economy

Greater digital engagement for faster growth

The New Zealand Technology Association identifies that, for every 4% growth in the productivity of the tech sector, the entire New Zealand economy will lift by $2.7 billion. And, wages will increase by 1.4%. the sector currently contributes 8% of national GDP and 9% of all exports.

The economic case for the country's ongoing investment in fast broadband networks is strong. It presents a big opportunity for regional New Zealand. The Association says that "small to medium enterprises that are highly digitally engaged have higher revenues, 20% faster growth and stronger job growth than firms that are less digitally engaged."

Download the GDC's draft regional digital strategy here:


Local opportunities

Activate Tairawhiti is encouraging the continued investment in the region's digital infrastructure and connectivity. Tairawhiti has the infrastructure capacity and resilience to support data centres, business processing centres and associated business support services, without the overheads and labour constraints of larger cities such as Auckland.

Activate is expanding the Tairawhiti Business Hub, the region's one-stop-shop for business support services. The Hub will soon offer hot desking, state of the art digital connectivity, meeting rooms and other facilities for start-up and out of town businesses needing a base.

Activate is also working with employers to address their labour requirements by providing fit-for-purpose training in the digital space, and attracting skilled people to the region.